Providing various services to organizations and small businesses to achieve goals through organized strategic management.

Dagata M&C LLC partnerships help manage priorities to keep organizations on a successful path to achieve their goals. Helping build marketing campaigns, event planning, brand awareness, program development, and community outreach.

  • Analyze Processes
  • Leadership development
  • Community involvement
  • Customer engagement
  • Program and event evaluation (roi)
  • Fundraising process and evaluation (roi)
  • Event planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Brand awareness
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Go to market strategy

Management and Sales Coaching is a great investment to continue or spark growth both personally and professionally. Dagata M&C LLC has a six step sales coaching model opportunity for your sales sales team and managers.

  • D – Determine the specific goal.
  • A – Align the opportunity with the goal.
  • G – Give the details of the opportunity.
  • A – Anticipate objections and questions.
  • T – Track and share opportunity results.
  • A – Add your follow up or next opportunity.